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Handyman Program

How It Works!

#1 – Please register your company profile information on our Quote Request Form so that we will be able to dispatch our handyman contractor out to your property location to perform the work.

Once you approve our quote for the work order we will schedule a time to do the job immediately.

#2 – Submit A Work Order Request

Please select Residential for privately owned by the homeowner or Business for landlords, property management, apartments, and rental homes to proceed.

Residential – {Click Here} We will require an initial $350.00 work order deposit for home owners.

Business – {Click Here) No deposit is required for Businesses. We will invoice and bill you after the job is completed.

*Labor Cost & Materials – We charge an hourly flat rate per project.  If your company has a corporate account that you want us to use at your preferred vendor then please provide us full access to pick up the materials, otherwise, you will need to have the materials ready for our contractor to pick up at a disclosed location.  We only will invoice or bill you for the labor performed and any materials used not covered.

Invoicing – After the job is completed we will invoice you the balance due for payment. Whenever you sign up for services you can list your credit or debit card information so we can bill you much quicker.

Terms & Conditions

Late Payments

As our valued customer, you will be responsible for paying the remaining balance in full within 14 business days of the completed job order request.  If payment is more than 14 days late we will incur a 10% interest penalty on the remaining bill amount daily until it’s paid in full. We accept all major cards:  Visa, Mastercard, AMEX & Discover cards

Cancellations & Refunds

We will issue a refund if the work order request is canceled 48 hrs. in advance prior to starting the job. If the work order request is canceled less than 48 hrs. before the job is scheduled to start we will bill you a $50.00 cancellation fee.

We will send you an email confirmation receipt for all your work order requests.

Services Provided:    

Electric – Hanging Fixtures, Wiring, Installation,  Plumbing,  Heat and Air,  Drywall Installation,  Smart Home Upgrade Installation,  Roofing Installation or Repair,  Carpenter,  Janitorial / Custodian Service,  Painting for Interior and Exterior,  Tile Repair and Installation,  Floor Repair and Installation,  Door Repair and Installation,  Remodeling Work,  Window Repair and Installation,  and Small Appliance Repair

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